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Turner - Featured Tasker on Sydetasker
Hi! I'm Turner 👋
By day, Turner is busy working & learning how to be an electrician. However, he enjoys spending some of his free afternoons doing side jobs on Sydetasker for a supplemental income. He has been a Tasker since 2019.

Furniture Assembly

Heavy Lifting

General Yardwork

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Reviews From Our Customers

Danny F

Valve Stem Repair - Bathtub

"Mark offered great help with the problems we have been having in our bathrooms. I would highly recommend Mark for any future renovations that you have with bathrooms, kitchens, etc.."


Mary W

Gutters cleaned

"Excellent job. He paid attention to detail. Did not rush through it, took his time. He made sure it was done well. highly recommend Turner. I will ask specifically for him to complete future work."

Michele O

Moving furniture

"The two guy movers were excellent. Very prompt on response, Extremely friendly. Had a moving job of furniture. Would definitely recommend!"


Barbara L

Snow removal eastside

"Excellent. Have been very satisfied w Joseph for several jobs. Will continue using when he bids on jobs for us."


Polina O

Clean 1 bedroom apartment

"Micah was so sweet and friendly. She even brought a screwdriver to fix my vacuum! How awesome is that! My apartment is spotless. Thank you so much!"


Christian D

Laundry Sorting

"Went beyond her duty. I made the right choice accepting her offer. I urge others to choose Kyla for work she is not skittish about how hard the task can or will be."

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Download Sydetasker
Download Sydetasker
Download the Sydetasker App

Connect with trusted Taskers with the skills you need

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