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  • Our Mission

    Sydetasker has a purpose to efficiently help society get more done. This means finding the right person for the right price, and getting the job done when you need it done. People are unable to complete their own tasks for many different reasons, leaving them undone or unfinished.
    We are opening the door for more hardworking people to work for themselves and make a supplemental income completing tasks through Sydetasker. Using modern technology, our secure payment & reviews system ensures your tasks will get done correctly, while being at an affordable price, or your money back. Join us - Let’s get more done.
    Our Mission
  • Our Beginning

    Our Beginning

    Sydetasker started in May 2018, under the name of College Cleaners, LLC., by a UW-Oshkosh student passing flyers around the city to complete odd jobs to help pay for his education.He and his friends helped many people get their odd jobs done, which turned into a vision to help people get more done everywhere.
    In 2019, Colin Milligan, current CEO & Co-founder, partnered with UW-Parkside professor, CTO & Co-founder, Zaid Altahat, to develop an efficient platform for all types of tasks to be completed. Working together along with a hardworking development team, they created what is today - Sydetasker.
  • Sydetasker Today

    Sydetasker was publicly launched in January 2021 throughout Wisconsin. Currently Sydetasker is operating in all parts of Wisconsin & into the Chicago area. We happily serve our customers as a secure place to get their tasks done. Sydetasker provides a trusted skilled & unskilled labor pool to help with almost any job.
    Download the free Sydetasker app on iOS or Android today to start posting tasks you need done or to apply to become a verified Tasker & start earning!
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    Sydetasker Today
  • Our Positive Influence

    Our Positive Influence

    Outsourcing tasks on Sydetasker has a positive impact on everyone in the surrounding community!

    Doing More of What You’re Good at

    Complete tasks that you enjoy doing, and post the ones that you don’t on Sydetasker! This will leave everyone feeling happier!

    Making a Supplemental Income

    Life is unpredictable. Whenever life gets difficult and finances get tight, Sydetasker has tasks available in your area that people need done.

    Freedom of Negotiation

    Tasks can be completed for a fair price as we do not set our own parameters. Instead, we let our Users negotiate a comfortable price to satisfy both parties.

    Economic Prosperity

    Sydetasker wants to help people get more done in their lives. Overall, this will lead to your local community living better lives and having less stress. Everyone will be better off using the Sydetasker Platform.

    Safe & Secure Payment

    When you book a service through Sydetasker, we hold your payment secure until the task is completed. Never worry about a contractor running away with your money again.


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