How do I post a task?

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Posting a task and getting offers is completely free on Sydetasker. Simply click Post a Task from your browser or app and follow the prompts to add details.

  1. Choose a category that best represents your task. This enables Taskers to only view tasks that they have the necessary skills to complete. If you cannot find a task category that fits, choose the "Custom" Category.
  2. Type a Task Title that sums up the scope of your task. This will be a short heading that needs to be at least 10 characters.
  3. Type a detailed Task Description, so that Taskers are able to understand what needs to be done & also what price to offer. This section needs to be at least 25 characters.
  4. Your can add your Task Address which is the location where you need the task done. The location can be at an actual address or it can be marked as "Can be completed Remotely" which are tasks that have no tangible location.
  5. Choose a Task Date by you need the task completed by/on. This date is not set in stone, as it can be discussed & changed if needed. If the date is flexible, please include this in the Task Description
  6. You can Task Requirements, if the Tasker needs to bring any tools, vehicles, insurance requirements, licenses, or anything that may not be clear in the Task Description.
  7. Words can only describe so much. You can attach up to 4 images to help Taskers get a better idea of what you need done. This saves time & confusion for all users.
  8. Last but not least, Sydetasker has all Posters enter a rough budget for their task. This can be done by entering a total job price, or entering an hourly rate with a time estimate. This section of the post is to give Taskers a good idea of what you would be willing to spend on the task, so they can accurately estimate their offer.

Your task is posted to the Sydetasker feed where Taskers will be able to view, ask questions, & make offers based on your the details provided.

We've also made it easy to post a task similar to one you've done before, or one you've seen in the feed. Simply select the options menu in any task and click Post a similar task and make any changes you need before posting.

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