What should I put in my Profile?

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

As a Tasker, you’ll need to complete your Public Profile in order for customers to learn about why they should choose you to complete their tasks.

Tag Line

Your Tag Line should uniquely identify yourself to show who you are in a short sentence or phrase.

About Me

Your About Me should explain everything about yourself which will help Task Posters understand your past work experience, current self, and future goals with Sydetasker. You can also include any certifications you have earned.


Please include any formal schooling you have had to help inform Task Posters more about where you came from and how it might affect their decision on hiring you as their Tasker.


Posters looking to hire will look for Taskers they can trust to get their jobs done correctly and efficiently, meaning having prior experience with the task at hand. Add any Skills you think would help persuade Posters to hire you, while also being truthful.

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